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Welcome to the next stage of evolution!

This is where you can find everything you need to know about Sled Dogs Snowskates.
Hello again to all our dedicated snowskaters and greetings to all you lucky, soon-to-be snowskaters:
this is your first step on an adventure in snow-filled fun!
You won’t look back!

sled dogs snowskates evolution

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What are Sled Dogs snowskates?

SledDogs Snowskates are exactly what they sound like, in a nutshell snowskates are: “SKATES that you can use on SNOW”! Plain and simple! Anyone who knows how to use ice skates or inline skates, knows how to use Sled Dogs snowskates.

To be a bit on the technical side; Sled Dogs is the world`s first patented snowskate, and is a comfortable, light boot, with an intergrated unique base/ski with steel edges for a maximum control. The base/ski is fixed to the boot. Snowskates combine the freedom and agressive movements from inline skates and ice skates, with the freedom and challenge of slalom and snowboarding.

Sled Dogs snowskates are easy and fast to learn, and extremely compact. All you need is a pair of snowskates, no skis or poles (or ski lifts for that matter), just some snow. You can skate on pavements, in parking lots, streets, and even down stairs. Not to mention in the garden, down hills, in the woods, and of course on the slopes. What I’m trying to say here is; with Sled Dogs snowskates, you can skate anywhere there is snow!